Nogese Heartbeat Blade

weapon (melee)

These unusual swords were used by officers in the ancient Nogese security forces. The single-edged blade and pommel both are made from dull-black Nogese ceramics, known as Cervit, and magically treated to withstand impacts. The blade is 54-cm and bears the word “Auscultation” written in Nogese script, and the hilt is 22-cm and widened and textured for superior grip. The unusual materials make these blades incredibly light-weight. The weapon radiates a faint aura of Necromancy.

In combat, a Heartbeat Blade’s single-edged, chisel-point design functions exactly as a Katana, and requires proficiency with such weapons. A Heartbeat Blade counts as a magical weapon for determining what creatures can be harmed by it.

If the tip of a Heartbeat Blade is pointed in a direction and the command word “Auscultation” is spoken, the pommel of the sword will throb in time with any heartbeat within 10 yards along the indicated path, regardless of interposing barriers.

Three of these unusual blades were found in a crate on the deepest level of the Nogese Deep Carbon Observatory beneath Phlan.

Weight: 2 lbs.

Nogese Heartbeat Blade

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