Nogese Redshift Lantern


These black-iron hooded lanterns are decorated with weeping humanoid figures on the top, and paned with crimson-coloured glass. In place of a wick, it holds a faceted piece of obsidian. If the oil reservoir is filled, the obsidian appears to burn with a flame of such deep red as to be almost black.

These lanterns are nigh useless to beings that see by normal sight alone, shedding dim reddish light in a 5-ft. radius. To creatures that sees by Infravision, the lantern enables infravision to a range of 90 feet around the lantern (regardless of the creature’s normal range), and allows those in the area to distinguish finer gradations of heat — the viewer could tell the difference between an orc and a human (rather than just a man-sized humanoid), and tell apart inanimate room-temperature objects like walls, floors, and doors.

A Red-Shift Lantern consumes oil at the same rate as a normal lantern.

A crate containing a twenty of these was found on the lowest levels of the Nogese Deep Carbon Observatory beneath Phlan.

Weight: 2 lbs.

Nogese Redshift Lantern

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