Nogese Tracer Bolt

weapon (ranged)

Five thousand of these bolts were found in an iron chest, on the lowest levels of the Nogese Deep Carbon Observatory.

Each Nogese Tracer Bolt is made of a light-weight, matte-black ceramic with a pure silver tip, and sized for a light crossbow (precisely 30cm in length). When touched by living flesh, faint pale-green flames sparkle along the bolt’s length.

A Nogese Tracer Bolt may be used in any Light Crossbow, Double Crossbow, or Repeating Crossbow. They are effective against targets vulnerable to or only harmed by Silver, but do not suffer the usual damage penalty of silver ammunition, due to the precise machining involved in the heads. In addition to dealing normal damage, any living creature struck by a Nogese Tracer Bolt becomes outlined in pale-green Faerie Fire for a number of rounds equal to the amount of damage done by the attack.

Nogese Tracer Bolt

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