Nozgo's Chainmail of Command


Forged in the woods of Cormanthor, this suit of armor is of typical elven design — which is to say quite revealing with the chest, shoulders, and back fully exposed. Each of the fine, polished-steel links is shaped like a small ash-leaf, rather than circular as is more common, and the outer links are made of a Cobalt-Aluminum alloy that gives them a distinct deep blue tinge.

Like all Elven Chainmail, this suit protects the wearer just as well as a normal, fully-covering suit of armor, granting a +5 bonus to the wearer’s AC, while weighing only 20 pounds (thanks to the reduced amount of metal used).

In addition to its more mundane properties, this armor grants the wearer an effective Leadership score of 18, for the purpose of determining the number and loyalty of henchmen attracted, and increases the Morale of all friendly NPC troops within 360 feet of the user by +2.

Nozgo's Chainmail of Command

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