Pelt of the Demon Mother


These foul suits of armor once graced the slave-legions of Kur-Tharsu, and surprisingly many of them can still be found in crypts throughout Thar, or in the hands of various barbaric tribes. A Pelt of the Demon Mother appears to be made from a horrific amalgam of rotted animal pelts and animal bones, and is usually decorated with the skulls of tiny rodents or vermin and trimmed with barghest fur.

A gift from the demons worshiped by the Ogre-Lords, these suits of hide armor protect the wearer as well as chain, granting a +5 bonus to the wearer’s AC.

In addition, the wearer of a Pelt of the Demon Mother can stir the passions of his foes, much as a demon can. Once per day, by taking a round to hastily remove the armor, one can fill a single target with an unnatural lust and desire for a single creature or object within one’s line of sight. The target must make a save vs. spells, or be compelled to rush to the subject of its lust and passionately kiss, caress, or (if possible) fornicate with that subject on its next turn, taking no other actions. The wearer may designate themselves as the subject of the target’s lust, in which case the compulsion remains for as long as the wearer chooses to reciprocate the action, otherwise the compulsion ends after a single round (usually leaving the target in an extremely awkward situation).

Weight: 30 lbs.

Pelt of the Demon Mother

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