Phantom Sword

Seemingly brittle and ancient, this blade is haunted by the spirits of its past wielders.

weapon (melee)

After the first round of combat (where it is useless) a shimmering spectral blade coalesces around the weapon’s blackened core of rotted iron. Once this occurs, the weapon functions in all ways as a normal longsword. It counts as a +1 magical weapon for determining what creatures it can hit, but does not gain a bonus on attack or damage rolls.

Any attack made with the phantom sword Ignores up to 5 points of armor. Natural armor, dexterity, and magical bonuses to AC work normally.

The phantom sword if haunted by the souls of ambitious warriors. After 1d6 rounds of use, the wielder must make a Willpower check or enter a rage (as a Berserker). If the check is passed, the wielder must make another check after another 1d6 rounds. If the check fails, the wielder continues raging for a number of rounds equal to his Fitness score. He cannot end the rage voluntarily.

Phantom Sword

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