Piranha's Teeth

A wicked-looking trident with a black iron and a repeated skull motiff.

weapon (melee)

This shining three-bladed spear, or trident, is untouched by rust, despite the watery home of its owner. The black-iron handle is six-feet long and has a repeating skull motiff, with a large, demonic-looking skull carved where the shaft meets the blades. This weapon originally belonged to the vampiric merman, Arrik Kaarvol, a servant of the Maalthiir of Hillsfar, sworn to defend their treasures from would-be looters.

Piranha’s Teeth deals damage as a trident, gaining a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls, and counts as both magical and iron for determining what creatures can be harmed by it. Piranha’s Teeth bears some of the vampiric power of its owner. In addition to dealing normal damage, any time a hit is scored with the trident, the wielder gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the damage dealt by the weapon. Any damage dealt to the wielder is taken first from these temporary hit points, before subtracting from the wielder’s actual hit points. Any temporary hit points not lost after 10 minutes vanish.

Piranha's Teeth

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