Razbojk's Mail

An old, but well maintained, suit of chain mail, reinforced with bronze plates covering the torso.


An old, but well maintained, suit of chain mail, reinforced with bronze bands covering the torso. Worn by the half-orc priestess Razbojk in her heyday, this armor has obviously seen a lot of use. Razbojk was a long-time enemy of the church of Xvim and opponent of its attempts to convert the orcs in and around Phlan. Ever-fearful of magical assault by Xvim’s priests, Razbojk enchanted the armor to protect against attacks by the supernatural as much as the physical. Razbojk committed suicide by poisoning shortly after learning of the death of her son, the bandit lord Noriss the Grey, after which her armor fell into the hands of a group of adventurers.

This armor functions as a normal suit of banded mail. The armor radiates a faint aura of abjuration magic and a faint aura of evil.

Anyone wearing the armor automatically succeeds on any saving throw against spells that are unique to Xvim’s priesthood inlcuding: Battletide, Blackhand, Bloodgloat, Bonechain, Chain Madness, Clawcloud, Control Death Tyrant, Create Baneguard, Create Death Tyrant, Create Thassaloss, Death Symbol of Bane, Death Touch, Hurl Thunderbolt, Incarnation of Evil, Lifebane, Mace of Xvim, Moonveil, Mystic Lash, Reaving Blades, Right of Might, Screaming Skull, Spirit Annihilation, Spiritual Corruption, Spittle, Stone Curse, Stone Walk, Summon Varrangoin, The Doom of Bane, Turnbane, Tyranny, Undeath After Death, Vampiric Mist, and Venomed Claws.

Razbojk's Mail

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