Ring of Clear Thought


This antiqued brass-filigree half-band ring is set with a large blue cabochon. At first glance it appears to be semi-transparent turquoise or zircon, but closer inspection reveals it to be a glass bauble, filled with what appear to be human ashes. The ring bears no inscription, but the remains in the small jewel radiate a faint aura of Necromantic magic.

The cremains in the ring contain a fragment of the bound soul of the creator’s deceased lover. Anyone wearing the ring finds their mind infected by feelings of love and loyalty, which serve to shield them against other mental intrusions.

The wearer of the ring gains immunity to Charm and Fear effects, and gains a +4 bonus to his saving throw vs. other Emotion-based magical effects. If an undead creature wears the ring, it is afforded some protection against the turning ability of priests. A priest’s chance to turn a creature wearing the ring is determined as if the priest were four levels lower than his or her actual level of experience.

In addition, while the ring is worn, the wearer gains a temporary +1 bonus to his Knowledge score, as fragments of memory from the ring’s bound soul leak into his mind. These memories cannot be read or experienced as a whole, nor experienced separately from the wearer’s own thoughts, but provide just enough additional snippets of information and insight to augment the wearer’s own collected knowledge.

All effects of the ring are lost if the ring is removed or destroyed.

Ring of Clear Thought

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