Robe of Many Faces


This dark-purple robe seems to writhe and billow at all times, as if perpetually caught in an erratic breeze. If one looks at it closely, one can see distorted, human-like faces hidden amidst the warp and weft of the fabric. Anyone wearing the robe sees several three-dimensional faces protruding from the fabric at all times — as if someone were behind the robe and pressing their face against it.

The robe contains fragment of the souls or tactile memories of numerous slain individuals. At will, the wearer of the robe can command the robe to transform him into the likeness of any one of those beings. The transformation takes a full minute, during which time the swirling mass of faces beneath the robe is visible to anyone viewing the wearer. Thus otherwise acts as an Alter Self spell, and lasts until the wearer wills the robe to return him to his natural state or assume a new form, or until the robe is removed.

The wearer of the robe may add a new face to the robe by touching the body of humanoid creature that died within the last hour. The corpse’s face must be relatively intact, as any wounds or damage at the time of death will be included in the disguise granted by the robe.

The robe currently contains the following alternate forms:

  • A plump halfling woman in her late tweens with curly golden locks and rosy cheeks.
  • An elderly, balding dwarf with a vicious cut across the left half of his face and his left eye missing.
  • A buxom satyress with a sharply upturned nose.
  • A young hill giant, his face heavily bruised and battered.
  • A “nice” looking human woman in her late 50s, with blue eyes and a lot of laugh lines.
  • A golden-haired, golden-eyed Eldren with a slit throat.
  • A shifty-eyed man with a crooked nose and a black soul-patch below his lip.
  • A rather short, rotund troll. Hairless and with distinct burn-scars on its scalp.
  • A broad-shouldered, barrel-chested man with a very full, thick blonde beard.
  • A misshapen humanoid of unknown parentage with a bird-like beak and three eyes, each of a different color.
  • A beautiful, but very pale woman, with dark hair and two distinct puncture wounds on her neck.
  • A pre-pubescent boy, covered with the pox.
  • A twisted female tiefling with glowing red eyes, abnormally long fingers, and a bright red avian snood growing from her forehead and nose. Badly burned.
  • A golden-haired male elf, almost but not quite Eldren in appearance. A large divot in his skull and acid-burns on his cheek.
  • A kenku with piercing blue eyes, his bird-like face something between a hawk and a vulture. A gaping, bloody knife-hole in his forehead.

Robe of Many Faces

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