Robe of Stars

A blue robe covered with gold stars.


This ornate dark-blue robe is covered with starbursts in gold leaf. It was worn for ceremonial occasions by the Bishop Braccio of Tyr.

The wearer of the the robe gains a +1 bonus on all saving throws for as long as it is worn. In addition, six times per day, while the robe is worn, the wearer can use an action to command the stars covering it to fire forth a barrage of small meteors. This functions as a magic missile spell (as if cast using a 5th-level spell slot). When the last barrage is unleashed, the stars vanish from the robe, leaving it a solid dark-blue. The stars replenish themselves each day at dusk.

While the robe is worn, the wearer can use an action to enter the Astral Plane, along with everything he is wearing or carrying. He remains there until he uses an action to return to the plane he was originally on, reappearing in the last space he occupied (or the nearest unoccupied space).

Robe of Stars

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