Rod of Elemental Fire


This beautiful item has a shaft of polished and rounded obsidian, shot through with streaks of magma which boils just below the rod’s surface, and the head is crystalized flame from the Elemental Plane of Fire. A grip of red dragon hide protects the wielder’s hand from the immense heat lurking just below the rod’s surface.

Aroelor took this item from the body of an Elf who he once adventured with. Neither Aroelor nor the elf knew of the rod’s origins when they found it in a collapsed shrine in the ruins of Old Phlan, but that did not stop the idiot elf from activating the rod…unsurprisingly the elf burned to death by an accidentally summoned Efreet and Aroelor only barely escaped via a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

The Rod of Elemental Fire is a powerful relic of the church of Kossuth, God of Elemental Fire, and the shrine it was found in belonged to he. Wielded in combat, the Rod of Elemental Fire functions as a Horseman’s Mace, and deals an additional 1d6 points of fire damage on any hit, in addition to the weapon’s normal damage. The rod counts as both a magical weapon and an obsidian weapon for determining what creatures may be harmed by it.

Once per day, the wielder of the rod can, by holding the rod vertically above his head, open a gate to the Elemental Plane of Fire and summon forth one of the following, at random (roll 1d10).

  1. Summon 1d4 18HD Greater Fire Elementals
  2. Summon 1d6 Noble Salamanders
  3. Summon 1d8 Efreet
  4. Summon 2d4 12HD Fire Elementals
  5. Summon 2d6 Fire Elemental Beasts
  6. Summon 2d8 Fire Mephits
  7. Summon 3d4 6HD Lesser Fire Elementals
  8. Summon 3d6 Lesser Salamanders
  9. Summon 3d8 Azer
  10. Summon 4d8 Fire Fundamentals

In the hands of an Idol Priest dedicated to the element of Fire, creatures summoned by the rod will automatically be friendly and obey the wielder to the best of their abilities. If the rod is wielded by any other character, an NPC reaction check must be made when the creatures first appear. On a friendly result, the summoned creatures will obey the wielder. On a result of Indifferent or Cautious, the creatures will ignore the wielder, but set about burning everything else in reach. On a result of threatening or hostile, the creatures will turn on the wielder in an attempt to destroy him.

Once summoned, the creatures remain until they are killed, the wielder of the rod is killed, or until a number of turns have passed equal to the roll of the d10 that summoned them.

Weight: 6 lbs.

Rod of Elemental Fire

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