Seabhag's Katar

weapon (melee)

A “gift” from the master poisoner who taught Seabhag, this beautiful weapon is undeniably useful in combat, but far less subtle than a poisoner might desire.

This beautiful katar has an additional shell guard to further protect the hand. The steel blade is finely forged with multiple thin fullers and ribs which echo the design of blades made in the bronze age. The guard is edged with gilded bronze and has been decorated with three diamond encrusted feathers. The scabbard is also decorated with gilt-bronze and bears a diamond-encrusted eight-pointed star — the alchemical symbol for “separation and recombination” (Solve et Coagula).

In combat it functions as a +2 Katar, granting its magical bonus to both the user’s attack, damage, and initiative rolls. In addition, the scabbard contains a hidden reservoir which can hold up to 6 doses of a poison, weaponblack, or similar substance, allowing the blade to be coated by merely sheathing and then drawing it.

Once drawn in combat, however, the subtle magics of the katar overwhelm the user’s senses, causing him to go berserk. Once unsheathed, the wielder will attack the nearest creature and continuing to fight until dead or until no living thing remains detectable within 60 feet. While berserk, the user may not cast spells nor use any weapons other than the katar, but makes one additional attack each round. Luckily, nothing in the dagger’s enchantments compels its use.

Seabhag can never be rid of this weapon, save by a limited wish, wish, or similarly powerful magics. If the katar is dropped, thrown away, or stolen, it will immediately vanish and reappear in its sheath. If the sheath is somehow discarded, both the sheath and the katar will reappear on Seabhag’s person at the next midnight.

The berserking nature of the weapon was created as something of a fail-safe by Seabhag’s master. Fully expecting his student to kill him, he gifted him with this weapon to ensure that his death would not go unnoticed or unpunished. For, while poisoning and subtle murder are generally ignored in Mulmaster, slaughtering everyone in sight in a berserker rage definitely is not…

Seabhag's Katar

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