Sir Guy's Spoon

The blade of this shortsword seems perpetually dull no matter how much it is sharpened, but this doesn't seem to matter.

weapon (melee)

This shortsword was once owned by the ennobled cleric Sir Guy of Thentia. As a noble, Sir Guy grew up being trained in sword-play, but joined the clergy of Tyr shortly after reaching adulthood. He had this blunt-bladed sword specially commissioned as a way to use his preferred weapon while still observing his faith’s prohibition on the drawing of blood.

This weapon functions as a +1 Shortsword, and can be used by anyone proficient with such weapons. Because of its perpetually blunted edge, it can be used by priests with a prohibition against edged weapons (any priest class or kit that allows only bludgeoning weapons) without penalty. Because of the small, bladed form-factor, it is still treated as a piercing weapon when determining its effectiveness against armor, or against creatures such as Skeletons.

No matter how hard the wielder hits his victim, this sword will never penetrate the skin or draw blood, instead leaving large ugly bruises wherever it hits. This has no effect on the damage dealt by the weapon.

Sir Guy's Spoon

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