Sling Bag of Holding

A brown leather sling backpack with two pockets.


A brown leather sling backpack with an adjustable strap and two pockets with brass button-closures. Both pouches of the bag can hold far more than their apparent exterior volume would indicate. The bag and all of its contents weighs 5 pounds, regardless of how much is actually carried in the bag.

When first found it was filled with a head in a jar, a starfish made of tongues, 50’ of superior rope, a bunch of imitation flowers, a 10’ pole, a collection of 27 non-magical knives from around the Realms, a metal comb, two healing concoctions, and a rough sketch of an enormous black tower that reaches far past the clouds and into space. The phrase “feet in the clouds, head in the stars” scrawled underneath it.

The larger of the two pouches is capable of holding up to 40 items, regardless of the weight or dimensions of the individual items in question1. The smaller pouch can hold up to 10 items, regardless or weight or dimensions.

When the button closures are opened, a person carrying the bag can choose to either upend the bag and dump all of the contents of a pouch, or reach in and retrieve a specific item. Retrieving a specific item requires that the user know that the item in question is in the bag. If the user reaches into the bag without knowing its contents, the pouches appear to be empty and no larger than their exterior dimensions. An unwitting user can still dump the bag.

Items contained in the bag are stored in an extra-dimensional space, and are thus perfectly protected from the elements. When the button closures are fastened, no amount of air, moisture, heat, or cold to which the bag is exposed can reach the items stored within. The bag itself, however, is vulnerable to attacks, being no stronger than non-magical leather. Should the bag be destroyed, all of its contents spill out. There is a 50% chance that a given item will spill out onto the ground where the bag is located, and a 50% chance that the item will be ejected from the bag’s pocket dimension into the Astral Plane and set adrift.

1 Note that a single coin counts as a one item, so 10 copper pieces are just as likely to fill up the smaller pouch as 10 battle axes.

Sling Bag of Holding

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