Spider Brooch

A copper brooch resembling a stylized spider.


This copper brooch resembling a stylized spider was found in a chest in the room of the witchdoctor of the “Squatters in Onyx” kobold tribe. It radiates a faint aura of transmutation. If stared at for a long time it appears to move slightly.

When attached to a garment this brooch has no immediate, apparent effect. However, whenever the wearer remains still for an extended period of time (sleeping, meditating, sitting and reading, or other tasks that leave the wearer stationary and require minimal movement), the magical spider animates, crawling over the wearer’s body and tending to his wounds—pinching them closed with its mandibles and stitching them up with web-like threads. For every turn (10 minutes) of inactivity, the wearer heals 2 hit points.

Spider Brooch

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