Staff of Kitsyrral

A typical pilgrim's staff, topped with metal rings to announce one's presence without violating a vow of silence.


The staff of Kitsyrral is a pilgrim’s staff, first carried by Kitsyrral, the founder of the Sisters of the Silent Axe, of which Ada the Simple is a member. The staff is topped with a metal finial with two sections, each with three rings (for a total of six rings), which represent the cycle of war, suffering, and reincarnation. Among the Silent Sisters, the same staff is designed to become one’s grave post if one died on the way. The staff’s metal rings are used by traveling priests to frighten away dangerous snakes or beasts that the priest might have encountered. When on guard duty, a Silent Sister rattles this staff to warn away intruders without breaking her vow of silence.

This staff enables a priest to store spells for later use. The staff can hold 10 charges: each charge is equal to one spell level. By casting spells on the staff, the priest imbues it with spell energy. This charges it and later allows the priest to draw upon the stored energy. Any level of spells may be cast on the staff, but
the total levels stored can never exceed 10. Excess spell levels are lost.

The priest can cast any spells on the staff. Since they are stored as energy and not as spells, they may later be cast from the staff, regardless of when a specific spell was stored originally. Likewise, the priest may rest and pray to regain spells after imbuing the staff without the staff’s spells being counted against her limit of prepared spells. Spell levels may be stored or cast in any combination.

The priest may expend charges at will, but she may not cast spells that are above her level of spell ability. Spells cast from the staff take effect in half the normal casting time, but at the very least have a casting time of 1.

Staff of Kitsyrral

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