Stone Cleaver

A heavy blade of gray stone cracked and reeking of elemental power. This weapon is carved from the heart stone of a powerful earth spirit and carved with a river-dragon motiff.

weapon (melee)

The Stone Cleaver functions as a claymore made of stone (with the normal -1 penalty on attack and damage rolls). It is treated as a non-magical weapon for determining what creatures it can hit, but is able to damage air elementals (and related creatures) regardless of the normal enchantment required to strike such creatures.

Any successful strike with the Stone Cleaver causes the flesh around the wound to begin to immediately petrify. Anyone damaged by the weapon automatically loses initiative in the round following the injury. Anyone slain by the Stone Cleaver completely petrifies, as a flesh to stone spell.

Unfortunately, the petrifying power of the cleaver works on the wielder as well. The wielder suffers disadvantage on all initiative rolls as long as the sword is in his possession (even if it is not being held).


Stone Cleaver

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