The Amulet of Sokol

Around the neck is a bronze medallion, crusted in patina, of two seraphim intertwined.


This old bronze amulet appears mostly worthless, but grants a good-aligned holder the ability to Command Undead as a 4th level Evil Cleric, by speaking the command word (“Shestnik”) which is inscribed on the back. The amulet’s power guarantees control over the skeletons that wander the keep, but has only limited capacity to affect stronger undead. The amulet can be used no more than once in any given encounter. In the hands of an Evil or Neutral aligned character, the amulet (and the command word on the back) does nothing.

The amulet was created by Ferran Martinez, a cleric of Tyr as part of the final defense of Sokol Keep. The cleric placed a mighty curse on the light-house before he died. Ever since the tower has been defended by a corps of skeletons. Indeed, those who are slain within its walls (and left there) will join this undead watch, as skeletons, zombies, or whatever. The amulet was created to allow living defenders to control these undead reinforcements. The last defender of the Keep, an elf, eventually died, was himself animates, and was destroyed by some adventurer or raider or another, by the gates of the keep.

The Amulet of Sokol

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