The Bloodsong Blade

A small sabre, with a darkened blade and a brass basket hilt.

weapon (melee)

This sword was custom made for Miero Bloodsong by his masters in the Zhentarim (an organization well known for keeping their agents well armed and well supplied, with many wizards in their employ as well). The Bloodsong Blade (so named by its owner) is a sabre, but very short, only two-thirds the length of a typical example of the weapon. The blade is of darkened steel, deeply infused with weaponblack to give it a dark-gray matte finish, preventing any telltale glimmers of reflected light from giving away the wielder’s position. The hilt is paired-down half-schiavonesca, lighter than the type typically favored by fencers in order to give Miero a greater range of motion while still protecting his hand from stray hits. Unlike the blade, the hilt is coated in burnished brass, so that it looks sufficiently impressive when sheathed.

The Bloodsong Blade is small, weighing only 3 pounds and deals damage as a short-sword, and can be used by any character proficient with either a shortsword or sabre. Despite the shorter length and lighter construction, the sword’s design allows it to be used as a “Fencing Blade” and can be employed with any fencing-related proficiencies or special abilities. The basket hilt offer a +1 bonus to Parry maneuvers, but does not have sufficient mass to assist with punching attacks. The sword counts as a magical weapon for determining what creatures can be harmed by it, but does not grant any bonus on attack or damage rolls.

The Bloodsong Blade is magically infused with alchemical weaponblack. It grants a +5% bonus to the wielders Hide in Shadows ability. This weaponblack constantly leaks from the blade in small amounts and does not flake off with normal use. However, it retains the flammable nature of the chemical. If lighted, the blade will burst into flames for 2-5 rounds, dealing an additional 1d4 fire damage on every hit. While the blade is flaming, the wielder also takes 1d4 fire damage at the start of each of his turns, unless he is magically protected from heat. After the flames have burned out, it takes 1 hour for the reservoir of weaponblack to replenish itself, during which time it cannot be ignited again and does not grant the stealth bonus.

The Bloodsong Blade

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