The Drunkard’s Dream.

weapon (melee)

A plain looking axe with an ash handle and a bearded, single-bladed head, with a white makers-mark in the shape of a tankard. This axe smells of whiskey and beer, and the head and haft are heavily stained.

In combat, the axe functions as a non-magical battle axe. The axe is quite flammable, but cannot be damaged by fire. If lit on fire, it deals 1d6 fire damage to anyone it hits, and 1d4 fire damage to its wielder at the start of each round. Once lit, the axe continues to burn until quenched by being submerged in water or sand, or similarly deprived of oxygen.

In addition, during a night of Carousing, if you roll on a carousing table, you may roll twice and choose either result. Both during the night of carousing and the day thereafter, you gain a +1 bonus on all Charisma-based proficiency rolls.

The Drunkard’s Dream.

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