The Eldren Cleaver

weapon (melee)

The Eldren have never done anything by halves, even cooking. This cleaver was found lodged in a chopping block in the kitchen of Mornhaven Tower in the Twilight Swamp.

The handle of this kitchen knife is made from fused maple and black-persimmon wood, held together by gilded-iron pins. The blade is the finest damasced steel, with a raindrop forging pattern, and the tang running the full length of the hilt. The blade is almost impossibly sharp, able to slice through a drop of water.

This superlative blade grants the wielder a +3 bonus on all non-weapon proficiency checks related to butchering animals or preparing game (Cooking, Animal Rending, etc.). It may also be wielded as a weapon, dealing damage as a hand-axe, but usable by anyone proficient with either knives or axes. Used as a weapon, its superior balance and edge grants a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls.

In addition, the lingering magics of Mornhaven Tower have infused the Eldren Cleaver with a truly unique property. Thrice per day, the cleaver can enact the equivalent of a Conjure Spell Component spell, as if cast at the 9th-level of ability, save that it can only summon animal products. With this, the Eldren servants of Mornhaven Tower could call up slabs of meat, pieces of leather, and even whole animals to feed their masters.

Weight: 2 lbs.

The Eldren Cleaver

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