The Horseman's Mace

This ornate, flanged horseman's mace is made entirely of cobalt-blue steel.

weapon (melee)

In overall fine cleaned condition with a 7 1/8" steel head with a ball finial and six decoratively pointed/sculpted flanges. Octagonal to round, hollow, steel shaft with a raised ringed collar above the finely rope-turned grip (some wear to the roped decoration). The pommel with a decorative dome head with line-engraved surfaces and some wear to the engraving: the shaft pierced for a suspension cord. In overall fine, cleaned condition, with heavy pitting and generally smooth cobalt-blue surfaces with a toned age patina overall. The noted wear to the rope decoration on the grip-section. Overall length 26".

This ancient weapon functions as a +2 horseman’s mace when wielded in mounted combat, and grants the wielder a +2 bonus on Riding proficiency checks. If the wielder does not have the appropriate Riding proficiency (Land-based, Airborne, or Sea-based) for his current mount, he can make checks as if he had the necessary proficiency, without the +2 bonus.

In addition, the magics of the weapon lend strength and stamina to the wielder’s horse, granting the steed 1 bonus hit point per hit die, as long as the weapon is in hand. Like other temporary hit points, any damage dealt to the mount is taken from the bonus hit points first. These hit points recharge every morning at dawn, and are applied to the horse as soon as the weapon is drawn.

When used while on foot, the weapon grants no bonuses (either to attacks, damage, speed, or ride checks). It still counts as a +2 magic weapon for determining what creatures can be struck by it.


The Horseman's Mace

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