The Razored Lock


This ancient Nogese torture device is typical of its kind. The Razored Lock resembles a pillory, save that it is constructed of solid adamantine (to prevent casual escape by the Noga’s stronger slaves), with blades set into the stocks. When closed and locked, the blades pierce the victim’s skin, drawing a continual stream of blood from the victim’s wrists and throat.

The blades of a Razored Lock (but not the pillory itself) bear strong Necromantic enchantments. Any being locked into the pillory and pierced by the blades cannot die. Period. No amount of age, damage, or disease can bring about their death so long as their neck and wrists are held in the stocks1. They are not, however, protected from pain in any way. Many Nogese torturers combined the Razored Lock with other forms of torture (extreme sounds, water, whips, fire, sensory deprivation, etc. — dunking the victim’s lower half in a vat of flesh-corrosive acid was particularly popular), confident that no amount of damage they could inflict would free their victim from their suffering.

If a victim is freed from the stocks (regardless of the amount of time they spent in them), they must immediately make a System Shock roll or die unless magical healing is immediately available. A victim that spent more than 1 year in a Razored Lock must similarly make a System Shock roll every day or die, as their body has become dependent on the necromantic magics of the lock to sustain itself. This dependency lasts for 1 day for every year that a victim was thus trapped.

If the blades are removed from the Razored Lock, they loose all enchantment.

Weight: 1,000 lbs.

1 Of course, decapitation would be fatal.

The Razored Lock

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