The Shrieking Thurible

A silver incense burner that


This sterling silver incense thurible is quality made with an incredible presence. It has ornate detail throughout, with a star-patterned grating on the sides, and a figure of a two-headed bird perched on the top. Four chains attach to a carrying ring, three suspending the censer and a fourth to open and close the device. A faint, high-pitched echo can be heard from within the censer at all times, and if the censer is opened, the twisted and desiccated body of a petty faerie can be found wrapped around the bowl in its base, held in place by rigormortis.

This censer was found in Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, on the corpse of an adventurer who had been sacrificed to a minor devil by the Bugbear Drehaalk. From there it was carried across the plains of Avernus, through the Abyss, and back several times by the Red Wizard Jack; until finally it was used to trap the tortured fairy Ivalera, and hold her until she died, still writhing and screaming, in the suffocating, extradimensional confines of Jack’s Robe of Deep Pockets. The lingering infernal energies, combined with the chaotic magics of the Twilight Swamp, catalyzed the death of the faerie to entrap a fragment of Ivalera’s tortured soul within the Thurible. The Shrieking Thurible radiates a moderate aura of Enchantment and Conjuration magics, and moderate aura of Evil.

The faint, high-pitched echo that can be heard from within the censer, grants enemies of the censer’s bearer a +2 bonus on their Surprise rolls, unless the Shrieking Thurible is stored in an extadimensional space or magically Silenced. Any sprite or faerie hearing the faintly echoing screams will become immediately Hostile towards the bearer of the Shrieking Thurible (regardless of any previous reaction checks), but also suffer a -2 penalty on Morale checks when fighting the bearer.

If a cube or stick of Magical or Alchemical incense is burned in the censer, the screams rise in pitch and volume to an ear-splitting level. For as long as the incense burns, the screams drown out all other sounds and render all creatures within a 60-ft. radius of the censer (including the censer’s bearer), effectively Deaf — rendering verbal communication impossible, negating all sound-based attacks, and imposing a 20% chance of miscasting any spell with a verbal component — for as long as the screaming continues. The screams are so loud that they can be heard to a distance of one mile (subject to normal barriers and conditions).

As long as the incense is burning, the bearer may, as an action, by swinging the censer towards a creature within 10 feet, target the creature (or more precisely their equipment) with one of the following Cantrips: Cut, Knot, Ravel, Scorch, Tarnish, or Untie at will.

As an action, the bearer of the Shrieking Thurible can prematurely douse a cube or stick of magical incense to banish a single creature within 10 feet as with a Hornung’s Random Dispatcher spell. This negates any further effects of the incense used.

The Shrieking Thurible

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