The Subjugating Lynx

weapon (melee)

This axe, in the style of the Northmen of the Moonshae Isles, is truly a work of murderous art. The bearded blade is of the finest steal, scalloped to a slicing edge on the reverse side of the beard, and accented with copper inlays behind the bit. The handle is of weathered oak, roughed to provide perfect grip and balance, and wrapped in Lynx-fur, with a steel spike mounted to the knob. The Subjugating Lynx radiates a faint aura of Enchantment and a faint aura of Evil.

The Subjugating Lynx functions as a Battleaxe in combat, its perfect balance granting the wielder an additional +2 bonus on all attack rolls with the weapon. In addition to dealing normal damage, any strike from the Subjugating Lynx saps the target’s will to fight. Anyone struck by the axe must make a save vs. rods or hesitate, suffering a +8 penalty to his initiative rolls for the next 2d4 rounds. If a target thus affected fails a Morale check for any reason, he lays down arms and surrenders, overwhelmed by the futility of resisting the wielder of the Subjugating Lynx.

Weight: 7 lbs

The Subjugating Lynx

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