The Wicked Sisters

A pair of ornate hand-axes of hobgoblin design.

weapon (melee)

The Wicked Sisters are a pair of identical handaxes taken from Grishnak, the high-priestess of the hobgoblins living in the Cadorna textile mill after the Battle of Kryptgarten. The “Sisters” have ornately carved blades of polished steel, etched with swirling, black hobgoblin script, attached to plain oaken handles wrapped in black leather. The grips are slightly flaired and angled, making it clear that one is meant to be held in the right hand and the other the left. If the Sisters are stared at for any length of time, they seem to have wisps of shadowstuff moving silently across their surface.

Used as weapons, the Wicked Sisters are perfectly balanced and clearly made to be wielded together. They strike as +1 magical handaxes and grant their wielder all of the benefits of the Dual-Wielder feat. As tools of the priesthood, however, their benefits are not limited to combat.

So long as they are held in hand, the right-hand Sister grants the wielder a +1 bonus to her Intelligence score. The left likewise, grants a +1 bonus to Wisdom. These bonuses do stack with other magical increases, though neither can increase the wielder’s ability scores above a maximum of 30. If both are held in hand, the wielder also gains Advantage on all Stealth checks and the ability to speak the language of Wargs (and similar intelligent wolf-like creatures). Simple possession does not grant these benefits, the wielder must have the Wicked Sisters drawn and held.

The Wicked Sisters are faintly intelligent, having an intelligence of 14 and Neutral Evil alignment. They cannot speak or otherwise communicate directly, but can empathically convey their pleasure or displeasure to anyone holding them. It is believed that the Wicked Sisters have some special purpose or motivation of their own, but they have not revealed what this purpose might be, nor any special powers that might be associated with it.

The Wicked Sisters

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