This coiled steel spring is prized by adventurers. It is a precisely wound spiral of flattened wire, 6 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall. When the appropriate commands are spoken, the trapspringer performs the following services for its owner:

  • When the first command word is given, the device springs end over end up to 50 feet along any straight passage, counting paces aloud as it goes.
  • When the second command is given and a race is named (human, elf, dwarf, and so on), the trap-springer magically alters its weight to approximate an average weight for the racial type named, thus triggering any pressure plates or pit traps along its course.
  • A third command word calls the device back to its owner.
  • A final command word extends the trap-springer vertically or horizontally up to 50 feet, making the device rigid and allowing its owner to measure the depth, height, and length of any straight passage, or to use the coil as a ladder.

The trap-springer cannot turn corners. Additionally, the trap-springer is completely non-conductive. It takes no damage from electricity or lightning based effects. Likewise, electrical attacks and excesses of heat or cold cannot be transmitted along the trap-springer to a person holding it.


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