An unadorned, broad, heavy, strait-bladed longsword.

weapon (melee)

Verittanattukkut is a large, impressive weapon of plain design. The blade is double-edged polished steel, three fingers wide and nearly four feet in length, with a single blood-groove running down the center. The cross-guard is two solid-steel ovals the size of a man’s palm, and the hilt is wrapped in black leather. Despite the solid design and large size, Verittanattukkut can be wielded as a normal longsword.

Reference to Verittanattukkut is made in Volume 6 of The Great Diaspora of Netheril, in which it is called “The Mad Blade”. That tome dates the blade to just after the fall of Netheril and an accurate and detailed description of its powers, though no word is given of its origin or the manner of its ensorcelment. No other sources make mention of this enchanted weapon. Given the nature of its powers, particularly its occasional manifestation of speech and its ties to Wild Magic, sages have speculated that Verittanattukkut may, in fact, be possessed by some beast of chaos, such as an Eolian or Chaos Imp.

Verittanattukkut functions as a normal longsword, and counts as a magical weapon for determining what creatures can be harmed by it. Verittanattukkut enhances its wielders speed and ferocity in combat, granting him a +5 bonus to his initiative and allowing the wielder to make one extra attack per round as a bonus action whenever he uses Verittanattukkut to make an attack action. This extra attack must be made against a different target than the first attack.

Any time the wielder rolls a natural “1” or a natural “20” when attacking with Verittanattukkut, Verittanattukkut unleashes a peel of high-pitched, maniacal laughter and causes a Wild Magic Surge (roll 1d100 on the table on pg 104 of the 5e Player’s Handbook, treating the wielder as the caster and the target of the attack as the spell target). Despite these occasional bouts of uncontrolled laughter, Verittanattukkut exhibits no other signs of sentience or the ability to speak.


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