Verticillaster's Crozier


This rustic wooden staff once belonged to The Druidic Pontif, Verticillaster. Cut from the trunk of his first body, the staff appears to be aged oak, with the tip carved into a decorative loop with a leaf pattern. After countless eternities trapped in Psathyrella’s Maze, the staff has lost much of the power it once held, but still radiates a strong aura of Necromantic magic.

The staff allows the bearer to cast the 1st-level priest spell Ceremony, at will, without expending any charges, but only to perform a Marriage Ceremony. By expending one charge, the bearer may cast the 9th-level wizard spell Lifeblend. Both of these spells function at the 20th level of ability.

Charges Remaining: 6

Weight: 10 lbs.

Verticillaster's Crozier

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