Vinum Deorum


A crystal-clear wine bottle, filled with liquor so rich as to be almost matte black. Distilled from the souls of deceased sovereigns, this wine is normally only available to the greatest of the gods. No language, neither that of mortals, nor angels, nor demons, can even begin to describe its perfection of flavour, aroma, and bouquet. Even the most daft of laymen will understand the bottleā€™s worth on a single glimpse, and most connoisseurs would happily kill to possess even a single bottle.

Despite its great value and perfection of flavour, the wine does not radiate magic, nor produce any unusual effects in the drinker (save for mild inebriation and a brief moment of gustatorial bliss).

Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Value: 7,000gp

Vinum Deorum

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