Wand of Burdening

A cone of smooth black and white marble set in a pewter handle.


This wand emits a gray beam of energy at a single creature, up to a maximum range of 90 feet. A creature struck by the beam must make a saving throw vs. wands or immediately feel as encumbered as if trying to carry 200 pounds, in addition to what is normally carried. If this pushes the target above his maximum weight allowance, the crushing weight causes him to suffer 1d4 points of damage each round. The effect lasts for 1 turn.

If the target rolls a Natural 1 on his saving throw, the sudden weight causes one of the target’s bones to become broken (as per a Critical Hit). Roll Hit Location as per a normal critical hit to determine what bones are affected.

Charges remaining: 45

Wand of Burdening

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