Wand of Lightning

A smooth, strait rod of white birchwood capped with a single round-cut sapphire.


This wand can only be used by those capable of casting arcane spells. It has two functions. Activating either effect requires an action and expends charges.

  • Shock (1 charge): Lightning springs from the tip of the wand to deliver a shock to a creature struck in melee. Make a melee attack against the target. You have advantage on the attack roll if the target is wearing armor made of metal. On a hit, the target takes 2d8 lightning damage, and it can’t take reactions until the start of its next turn. Shock can be used in place of any melee attack if you have the wand in hand (including bonus attacks from two-weapon fighting, flurry of blows, or similar abilities). Each successful strike consumes 1 charge from the wand.
  • Lightning Bolt (2 charges): The possessor of the wand can discharge a bolt of lightning. The stroke begins at the tip of the wand and can be either a forked bolt (60 feet long and 10 feet wide) or straight bolt (120 feet long and 5 feet wide). Each creature in the area takes 6d6 damage (re-roll any 1’s). A Dexterity save (DC 13) is allowed for half damage.
    The lightning bolt may set fire to combustibles, sunder wooden doors, splinter up to half-foot thick stone or masonry, and melt metals with a low melting point (lead, gold, copper, silver, bronze). Saving throws must be rolled for objects that withstand the full force of a stroke.
    If the bolt encounters an interposing barrier and is capable of breaching it (as described above), it will continue on, up to its maximum length. If a bolt cannot reach its full length, because of an unyielding barrier (such as a stone wall greater than 6 inches thick), the lightning bolt rebounds from the barrier at an angle equal to its angle of incidence (like light from a mirror), up to its maximum length.
    For example: A 120-ft. lightning bolt that hits a stone wall after traveling fifty feet will rebound back in the direction of the wand’s wielder 70 feet (striking both the wielder and potentially those behind him).
    A creature that finds itself in the path of a rebounding lightning bolt more than once must make a saving throw each time it is struck by the bolt. If the creature succeeds on all saves, it takes half damage. If it fails any one of the saves, it takes the full damage. Even a creature struck multiple times will only take damage from the bolt once.
    Activating the lightning bolt function consume two charges from the wand and imposes a -2 penalty to the users initiative (for the current round only), as the wand takes a small amount of time to charge up.

The wand may be recharged by anyone with the Recharge proficiency (according to the rules for that proficiency).

Current Charges: 14
Maximum Charges: 30

Wand of Lightning

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