War Paint

This magical paint increases the wearer's natural Armor Class. The amount of increase depends on the color of the paint.

d12 Roll Color AC Boost XP Value
1-3 White +3 1500xp
4-6 Yellow +4 2000xp
7-9 Red +5 3000xp
10-11 Green +6 4000xp
12 Gold +9 7000xp

This magical paint increases the wearer’s natural Armor Class. The amount of increase depends on the color of the paint. The DM may choose a particular color, or roll ld12 on the Table above for a random selection.

At least half of the user’s skin must be bare to use war paint; in general, this means that his arms, legs, and head must be fully exposed. The paint must be applied to approximately 75% of the exposed skin. Additionally:

  • If the user covers more than half of his exposed skin with a blanket, cape, or other garment, he loses the benefit of the war paint.
  • The user receives no additional benefits from wearing armor. For instance, a character may wear leather armor along with his war paint, but he only receives a bonus from one or the other (whichever is greater). If the armor covers more than half of his body, he can not benefit from the war paint. A war paint user may carry a shield, however, which boosts his AC by the standard amount.
  • If available, two colors may be combined—the effective AC is determined by adding the bonuses shown on the Table above. For example, a character wearing both white and red paint receives an AC boost of +8. In no case, however, can war paint can confer an AC better than +10.

War paint lasts for ld4 weeks. If the wearer or other character with the Artistic Ability proficiency (with a specialty in painting) or the Tattooing proficiency applies the war paint and makes a successful proficiency check, the effects last for 2d4 weeks. War paint is unaffected by rain, extreme temperatures, or the normal wear and tear of the road. Dispel magic and similar spells, however, can render it useless.

War Paint

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