We Sleep Together

weapon (melee)

This beautiful hand-and-a-half sword was found lodged in the body of the cruel king Sanguifluus, where it held in the spirit of one of the three knights who tried, and failed, to slay him originally. The sword has a hilt and cross-guard of gold, with forward-swept quillons with a claw-like design. The flock bears two small eye-like designs on either side, one closed, and one set with a small ruby. The blade measure fourty-one inches long, with a fuller running almost the full length of the blade. Golden runes etched along the fuller read: “You’d like to spend the night with me, but if you spend all day with me, we’ll sleep together.” It is from this inscription that the blade takes its name.

We Sleep Together radiates a faint aura of Transmutation magic, but performs as a normal, non-magical Bastard Sword in most combat situations. However, on a successful hit, in addition to dealing damage, the sword transmutes a portion of the target’s blood into alcohol. Any creature with blood in its veins that is struck by the sword must make a save vs. poison. On a failed save, the target loses 1 point each of Balance, Reason, and Willpower. If any of these abilities is reduced to zero, the target dies from alcohol poisoning. Lost points are restored at the rate of 1 point to each ability per hour.

If plunged into a quantity of fresh blood, the sword will transmogrify said blood into a equal quantity of strong, rich red wine, of suitable quality for any nobleman’s table, at a rate of 1 quart per round.

Weight: 10 lbs.

We Sleep Together

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