A single-edged longsword with a golden weasel-headed pommel.

weapon (melee)

“Weasel” is a single-edged, slightly curved longsword with a damasked steel blade a full three feet in length and a filigreed golden hilt. The pomel-cap of the hilt flairs out into a large weasel’s head design, with small garnets for the eyes, from which the sword takes its name, and from which the sword will occasionally attempt to converse with anyone nearby.

Weasel is a sentient item, but not a particularly bright one, and is similarly lacking in cunning and social skills (having Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores of 9). Weasel is generally Lawful in alignemant and is able to speak Common and Tharian with a slight lisp, but is reticent to do so, having been repeatedly told to “shut up” by it’s previous owners. Weasel can see and hear as well as a normal human, and can also clearly distinguish things that are invisible and is usually helpful enough to inform his user about such.

In combat Weasel functions as a +1 longsword, gaining its bonus to both attack and damage rolls and counting as magical for determining what creatures can be struck by it. Its attack and damage bonus increases to +3 against any bird or snake, including magical creatures that take the form of a bird or snake such as rocs, phoenixes, or nagas.

Until a few years ago, Weasel was owned by Philo Holbytyn of Ranshead, an adventurer famous throughout the north, and passed through the hands of many other well known users before that. Weasel’s distinctive form means that any intelligent creature native to the northern Moonsea or Thar has a chance of recognizing Weasel from the bards’ tales.

Any character from the north that sees Weasel and succeeds on an Intelligence check recognizes the blade and will have heard at least one (probably very exaggerated) tale of the magical talking sword. If such a being is currently facing off against Weasel’s wielder, he must make an immediate morale check.


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