Workbook of Lhoril Delhiirnyn

A small volume, bound in black leather.


This small volume, bound in black leather, bears the arcane symbol of the elven mage Lhoril Delhiirnyn etched in copper leaf on the front. This is one of two copies of the book that were created by its author.

In addition to Lhoril’s extensive spell research notes (focused on the summoning and control of demons from the Abyss), the Workbook contains a complete accounting of the treasures she observed in the tower of Ahghairon, one of the five great high mages of Myth Drannor, just before the wards were
laid about it in the Year of the Dusty Throne.

It contains the spells Abyssal Conjuring (as conjure celestial save that it only works on demons), Antipathy/Sympathy, Contact Other Plane, Dominate Monster, Find Familiar (always summons a quasit), Magic Circle, and Planar Binding. As well as the truenames of at least a dozen lesser Tanar’ri.

This collection of lore is worth 10,000 gp to the right collector.

Workbook of Lhoril Delhiirnyn

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