Worthy of Vengeance

A magnificent katana, containing the soul of a former player-character.

weapon (melee)

Worthy of Vengeance is a two-handed longsword of oriental design—a katana. The blade is white silver, inscribed with runes of rage and triumph, and glows a brilliant blood-red when drawn. The hilt it made of heat-fused ivory and linnorm bone, wrapped in red silk taken from Worthy of Armor’s tunic and dyed with her blood, with a cross-guard of blackened gold. The sword radiates a powerful aura of evocation magic and of good.

Worthy of Vengeance was forged from the remains of the sentient blades Weasel and Corthalis over a Forge of Repentance found in the midst of the Quivering Forest. Using the combined magic of six of the Amazons, Worthy of Vengeance was imbued with the soul and sentience of the paladin known as Worthy of Armor.

Worthy of Vengeance is a sentient item, have the spirit and personality of Worthy of Armor. It is Lawful Good in alignment, with Intelligence and Wisdom of 14, and a Charisma of 15. Worthy of Vengeance speaks with a feminine voice, and is conversant in the Common, Turmic, Sespechian, Tharian, and Mulhorandi languages. The weapon can see and hear as well as a normal human, and can continuously detect evil out to a range of 60 feet.

When held in hand, Worthy of Vengeance constantly sheds a deep red light, providing illumination equivalent to a torch. In the hands of any female wielder, Worthy of Vengeance can conjure hail (centered on itself) twice per day, as the ice storm spell cast at 9th-level. The summoned hailstones are always a deep red in color, like chunks of frozen blood and viscera. In the hands of a Paladin, Worthy of Vengeance projects a circle of power, as a holy avenger, dispeling hostile magic of a level up to the paladin’s experience level in a 10-ft. radius.

In combat, Worthy of Vengeance functions as a katana, gains a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls, and counts as magic, silver, and good for determining what creatures can be harmed by it. It’s bonus to attack and damage increases by 31 when in the hands of a female with an Appearance score of 17 or greater. The bonuses increases by an additional 21 when wielded against any bird or snake, including magical creatures that take the form of a bird or snake such as rocs, phoenixes, nagas, or linnorm dragons.

1 Worthy of Vengeance has a +5 bonus when wielded against birds or snakes, a +6 bonus when wielded by an attractive female, or a total bonus of +8 when wielded by a beautiful female against a bird or snake.

Worthy of Vengeance

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