Yarash's Bracers of the Deep Gods

A pair of clear, glass bracers, filled with a thick black liquid.


These bracers, about a hand wide and made of clear glass, appear to be filled with the same black sludge which pollutes the Stojanow River. They were found on the body of the old, crazed sorcerer Yarash, in the maze beneath Sorcerer’s Island. Anyone wearing the bracers find themselves able to communicate, both through quiet whispered speech and/or telepathy, with an unseen being. This being never reveals itself, or even that it is independent from the wearer’s consciousness, but it seems to possess incredible insight and lore.

Anyone wearing the bracers must make a Wisdom save (DC 12) any time they attempt to take a long or short rest, if they fail, they find themselves locked in conversation (apparently with themselves to any outside observer) for the duration of the rest—gaining no benefit from resting.

The wearer of the bracers is completely immune to all negative effects of contact or immersion with the black liquid corrupting the Stojanow River, and may breathe freely if submersed in the liquid, as if it were air. In addition, the voice whispers secrets to the wearer, allowing him to apply double his proficiency bonus on all History and Arcana skill checks, and Alchemical tool checks (even if he was not previously proficient).

Yarash's Bracers of the Deep Gods

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