Yarash's Spoon

An old metal spoon, the handle worn to a point.


The handle of this old metal spoon has been worn to a sharpened point by being used to attempt to dig out of the granite walls of the maze beneath Sorcerer’s Island. The spoon belonged to the magician, Yarash, once a powerful sorcerer himself, now driven mad, presumably by the isolation of the magical island. The spoon bears a strong aura of Transmutation magic, either deliberately related to Yarash’s experiments in transforming lizardfolk into sludge-breathing monstrosities, or perhaps as an indirect by-product of those processes.

Yarash’s Spoon functions as a wand. When pointed at a target, it can be commanded by simple act of will (requiring a DC 12 Intelligence check) to polymorph the victim. The target is allowed a Constitution save (DC 17) to avoid the effect. A target that fails its save is wracked by excruciating pain, losing its action for 1 round as its body writhes and reshapes itself. At the end of the target’s next turn, it will have been completely transformed into it’s new body. The change is permanent, unless removed by a dispel magic (requiring a DC 17 check) or similar effect. The reverse transformation is even more painful than the initial change, taking a full minute, during which the target can take no actions other than writhing on the ground and screaming. Each use of the spoon in this way consumes a single charge.

The wielder of the spoon has no control over the form taken by the target. Each time a creature is polymorphed in this way roll 1d100 and consult the table below to determine the new form assumed.

d100 roll New form
1 – 4 Bugbear
5 – 8 Dwarf
9 – 12 Elf
13 – 16 Firbolg
17 – 20 Gnoll
21 – 24 Gnome
25 – 28 Goblin
29 – 32 Half-Elf
33 – 36 Halfling
37 – 40 Half-Ogre
41 – 44 Half-Orc
45 – 48 Hobgoblin
49 – 60 Human
61 – 64 Kobold
65 – 68 Lizard Man
69 – 72 Minotaur
73 – 76 Mongrelman
77 – 80 Ogre
81 – 84 Ogre Mage
85 – 88 Orc
89 – 92 Satyr
93 – 96 Tiefling
97 – 100 Troll

In addition, by stabbing the spoon into the heart of a recently deceased target (may have been dead no more than 24 hours). The spoon can simultaneously transform the body and restore it to life. This functions as a reincarnation spell, save that it reanimates and reorders the cells of the existing body, rather than creating a new one. The transformation takes 10 minutes, after which the character is restored to life, retaining all of its previous memories, background, and class levels. The race of the new body should be determined by rolling 1d100 on the table above and ability scores should be rerolled for the new body (using whatever means the DM and player agree upon). Using the spoon in this way consumes 3 charges.

Remaining Charges: 9
Maximum Charges: 9

Yarash's Spoon

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