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  • Donovan's Diary: Entry 1

    I have just completed my eleventh voyage about Valkurs Wake. Two years sailing from town to town, schlepping the Councils promises of wealth, and fame, and glory for the would-be adventurers of the world. The work It has certainly paid the

  • Donovan's Diary: Entry 2

    Night. Wet, dark, and unpleasant. I write this before retiring, again, with a headache. Today was most unpleasant, and nearly cost the life of another friend, but had great rewards of wealth, or potential wealth as well. Let it be noted though, that my

  • Donovan's Diary: Entry 3

    Drizzling. Dark. Moon not visible.

    We were awakened in the middle of the night yestereve by undead. Three of the creaturesa wight, a skeleton, and a zombie. The girls, even the knight, Frantiska, seemed greatly disturbed by the encounter,

  • Donovan's Diary: Entry 4

    Dry for the first time in days! Thanks be to Talos and Umberlee for staying their wrath!

    We sleep tonight in Iniarvs Tower, guests of the Watchers of Helm. Selune is waning gibbous, three degrees from the eye of the beholder. The night is

  • Donovan's Diary: Entry 5

    Magic is essentially an attempt by the spellcaster to harness the inherent chaos of creation. Eventually, chaos alters the spellcaster physically, mentally, and spiritually in a profound manner.

    We have just overcome a rather large

  • Donovan's Diary: Entry 6

    Morning, clear, a little damp.

    I am sitting on a hillside outside the tiny shepherd village of Gildenglade, still a couple days ride west of Melvaunt. Our band has decided to aid the village in fending off a near-inevitable assault from the

  • Donovan's Spells

    A place to keep track of new spells that Donovan is developing. With the intent of eventually building his own Path. These are all pending him having time/money to research the spells, and DM approval.

    Donovans Heroic Fray