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Encumbrance Category Max Weight Movement AC Penalty Attack Penalty Fatigue
Unencumbered WA Base Move 0 0 1
Light WA + 1/4 (MP-WA) 2/3 Base Move 0 0 1
Moderate WA + 1/2 (MP-WA) 1/2 Base Move 0 -1 2
Heavy WA + 3/4 (MP-WA) 1/3 Base Move -1 -2 3
Severe MP 1 -3 -4 5

Max Weight: This is the maximum weight allowed for the given encumbrance category, determined by the character’s Weight Allowance (‘WA’, based on Stamina) and Maximum Press (‘MP’, based on Muscle). In the rare case where the character’s Weight Allowance exceeds his Maximum Press, the character effectively has only 2 encumbrance categories: Unencumbered (up to a max of WA) and Sever (anything over WA).

At each encumbrance level, a character can Push or Drag along the ground an amount equal to up to 5 times his maximum weight. Thus a character who has a Maximum Press of 200 push could drag an object weighing as much to 1000 pounds, as if Severely encumbered.

A character can never lift more than his Maximum Press value.

Movement: This is the character’s maximum speed, expressed as a fraction of his base speed (determined by his race). Any fractions should be rounded up to the nearest whole number.


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