Planar Contacts


  • Species: Red Abishai (Lesser Baatezu)
  • Location: Baator (Avernus)
  • Occupation: Ar’kle-mens is surprisingly creative and friendly for a lesser baatezu. He is constantly working to invent new weapons, traps, and magical devices, and is always looking for volunteers to test them.

Hexla, the Mad Witch

  • Species: Half-Elf
  • Location: Baator (Avernus)
  • Occupation: A witch living in a cave on Avernus, the first layer of Hell, Hexla is a perfect hostess, offering food and refreshment to visitors. Originally from the Outlands, Hexla became trapped in Baator by a magical experiment gone awry.


  • Species: Spinagon (Least Baatezu)
  • Location: Baator (Avernus)
  • Occupation: Halitsu is at the bottom of the ranks of Baator’s fiends, but he stands watch over a one-way portal into Avernus, and thus has met many planar travelers. He’s too weak to be of much help to anyone, but is generally too scared to lie to adventurers, and thus can be a useful source of information.


  • Species: Cornugon (Greater Baatezu)
  • Location: Sigil
  • Occupation: A greater baatezu living in Sigil, the City of Doors, Kas’rarlin runs a courier service believed to be associated with the baatezu intelligence operations in the Blood War. He often hires primes to ferry messages to contacts on planes to which the baatezu cannot freely travel (such as the Abyss or the Upper Planes).

Emera Stoutforge

  • Species: Dwarf
  • Location: Outlands
  • Occupation: A petitioner in the halls of the dwarven gods in the outlands, Emera hires herself out as a guide, helping visitors find their way around the Dwarven Mountains.


  • Species: Dwarf
  • Location: Sigil
  • Occupation: A dwarven sage, renowned for his knowledge of the gates and conduits of many planes.

Arch-Lector Byni Yarmoril

  • Species: Tiefling
  • Location: Outlands (Plague Mort)
  • Occupation: Arch-Lector Yarmoril rules Plague Mort, the gate-town connecting the Outlands and the Abyss. The Arch-Lector is well-connected and has a lot of contacts among the Tanar’ri.


  • Species: Tiefling
  • Location: Sigil
  • Occupation: Ghieena works in Sigil as a woodcraft while studying magic under the elven wizard, Fyn Longfingers. Because of a quirk of her fiendish heritage, portals and gates do not work for her, so she’s always eager to speak with travelers and exchange information.

Torveir Kilnistoch

  • Species: Human
  • Location: Planeswalker
  • Occupation: Torveir is a planes-hopping adventurer, native to Toril. For all of Torveir’s good intentions, he is what many planes-walkers would call a berk, a leatherhead—a sodding dolt. He always seems to pick the oddest way of doing anything. However, despite his incompetence, he gets around and knows a fair bit about many of the Inner and Outer planes.

Hav’run Thain

  • Species: Minotaur
  • Location: Ysgard (The Infinite Staircase)
  • Occupation: Hav’run is the current leader of the Planeswalkers Guild, a semi-formal social club for planar travelers. All would-be members must visit him at the guild headquarters on Ysgard to join.
  • Special: Any Planeswalker character who knows Hav’run as a contact may choose to begin as a member of the guild. Members pay yearly dues of 10gp per level, and gain a +1 bonus on saves against the environmental effects of a plane of their choice (they gain an additional +1 every 5 levels).

Oriam Trascalia

  • Species: Human
  • Location: Ysgard (The Infinite Staircase)
  • Occupation: Oriam is a member of the Planeswalker’s Guild who feels too old to do much plane walking anymore. He spends most of his time at the guild headquarters on the Infinite Staircase and most members of the guild know him with at least passing familiarity.

Torpellin of the Golden Spire

  • Species: Githzerai
  • Location: Limbo
  • Occupation: This gith has lived among the slaadi of Limbo for years and is the only known non-slaad that they tolerate near their spawning grounds. She is thus the foremost scholar on slaadi reproduction in all of the planes.

Ghuntomas of Thorn

  • Species: Human
  • Location: Elemental Plane of Air
  • Occupation: This old wizard is a scholar and sage studying the ways of Law and the nature of the multiverse. His lone published work, Everchanging Order, espouses a theory that Law and Chaos are not opposed, but were meant to work together. The book got him kicked out of the Fraternity of Order, of which he was a member, but made him a tidy profit. He still keeps a healthy level of correspondence with other scholars in his field.


  • Species: Erinyes (Baatezu)
  • Location: Baator
  • Occupation: An erinyes infiltrator, Gibbaren often hires primes to aid her in her missions in areas not favorable to the Baatezu. She tends to pay well, keeps her bargains, and maintains contact with previous hirelings. Given the nature of the Blood War and her missions against other evil entities, even good-aligned adventurers may find her to be an amiable employer.

Heiron Lifegiver

  • Species: Half-Elf
  • Location: Outlands (Automata)
  • Occupation: This wizard operates on both sides of the law in the gate-town of Automata. He has a reputation throughout the planes (in certain circles at least) for being an expert craftsman of magical items. He specializes in sentient items—things with minds and wills of their own.


  • Species: Sword Archon
  • Location: Mt. Celestia
  • Occupation: This Archon stands watch over the gate-town of Heart’s Faith. She often hires out primes to aid in the town’s defense, and is less picky than many archons in whom she hires to defend her sacred charge.


  • Species: Aasimar
  • Location: Mt. Celestia
  • Occupation: Cauldronborn is the acting mayor of the gate town of Heart’s Faith. While only “acting”, he still commands the respect and loyalty of the town’s populace and has many political connections throughout the Upper Planes.

Yissa Niclar

  • Species: Bariaur
  • Location: Outlands
  • Occupation: A sage and expert in modron physiology, Yissa has developed a process that she claims will allow the removal of modron parts without killing the creature and the grafting of those parts onto organic creatures. She keeps up regular scholarly correspondence, and also pays well for volunteers for her experiments (if they live).

Allisanaa Boughbender

  • Species: Elf
  • Location: Outlands (Sylvania)
  • Occupation: Allisanaa is the proprietress of the Drunken Leaf, a tavern in the gate-town of Sylvania in the outlands. She claims to have come to the plains with her beloved, an elven priest who went on to become a proxy of Corellon Larethian.

Planar Contacts

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