Name: Abondiance, Patroness of Ephemeral Wealth
Symbol: An upset jeweled wine goblet spilling its contents
Alignment: Neutral

Some creeds extole their followers to practice wise investment for the future. But other gods would rather have a big party right now, damn tomorrow. Abondiance is depicted as a exotically beautiful, nearly bombastically figured woman dressed in stylishly rich garments and glittering jewelry, usually serving as the hostess of a celebration of epic debauchery. She serves both Liira and Sharess), and is particularly fond of characters made destitute by their carousing.

Many down on their luck adventurers pray to her, for she is said to know the location of much easily obtained wealth. The treasures she leads supplicants to are real, but usually guarded by deadly obstacles; and she is unable to offer any aid besides an accurate location.

Characters praying to Abondiance suffer a -1 penalty to their Prayer check for every 1000gp of liquid assets they possess (either on their person or hoarded elsewhere). A character who is destitute (no liquid assets) gains a +2 bonus on his prayer check. If the character prays while carousing, he gains an additional +2 bonus.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score The character receives a clue to the location of a great treasure (Type A hoard). If the treasure is successfully acquired, he will gain access to a rare quick entrance to high society (a house for sale in a fashionable neighborhood, invitations to grand ball, a ceremonial court position up for bid, etc).
Roll < Score The character receives a clue to the location of a rich treasure (Type C hoard).
Roll > Score The character receives a clue to the location of a modest treasure (Type I hoard), but also finds his living expenses for the month increased by 50%.
Natural 20 The next time the character enters a bar, he will find a large tab (1d100gp) in his name.


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