Name: Adassec, of Many Steps
Symbol: A ladder
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Adassec, the god of stairs and ladders, is a grotesque creature similar to a massive giant centipede with human torso and feet. His dark hair is long and greasy, his nose hooked and his eyes are bottomless spirals of darkness. It is said that he dwells on the Celestial Staircase that connects the planes, and appears on very important or very exceptional ladders and stairs (very old, very large, very dangerous, etc.). Adventurers and explorers who have fallen from stairs know how these buildings can be dangerous and tend to respect Adassec in an almost fearful manner.

Just as some of its object of protection, Adassec is treacherous and capricious. Likewise as one can not always predict what’s beyond the next staircase, one hardly knows what to expect from this petty god. One false step and he can lead an adventurer to the ruin. Adassec has the power to teleport anyone to the beginning or the top of any ladder (save vs. wands to negate). He can use this ability both to help or to disturb someone. Moreover, the petty god can make some steps of any stair or ladder slippery and dangerous, forcing anyone crossing the area to make a save vs. spell or stumble and fall.

Adassec is most often called upon by those preparing to traverse a particularly dangerous staircase or ladder. Many claim that his capriciousness can be placated by placing a coin, gem, or some other enticing object at the half-way point of the stairs (to distract the next person to happen by).

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score The praying character and 1d4 nearby targets are instantly teleported to the bottom or top (as desired) of the nearest ladder or staircase.
Roll < Score If proper propitiation is made (as above), the character cannot be made to fall from the staircase in question (for the duration of one round trip).
Roll > Score Unless proper propitiation is made (as above), the character automatically fails any rolls to avoid falling when on the staircase in question (for the duration of one round trip).
Natural 20 The character suddenly finds himself falling from the top of the nearest staircase or ladder (save vs. wands to negate).


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