Name: Aglet
Portfolio: Ropes, Rope Makers
Symbol: A length of cord knotted at both ends
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The Petty God of ropes, cords, and string, Aglet is a hot-tempered deity whose nerves are easily frayed by the sight of ropes that have been improperly cared for. If the end of a rope has not been dipped in pitch, wax, secured, and bound in a manner to prevent fraying, Aglet is quick to cause it to unbraid or break.

Alget is the patron god of Rope-Makers, and is regularly invoked by such persons when involved in their craft. He is also popular with climbers, sailors, and mountaineers, who often say prayers to stave off his wroth when belaying a line.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score One rope in the supplicant’s possession becomes immediately enchanted with a minor Knotward of the supplicant’s choice.
Roll < Score The supplicant receives a -2 bonus on the next Rope Making or Rope Use proficiency check he makes.
Roll > Score The supplicant suffers a +2 penalty on the next Rope Making or Rope Use or Climbing proficiency check he makes.
Natural 20 All ropes, string, cords, or similar items on carried by the supplicant fray, unravel, and become useless.


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