Anwyn Wood

Name: Anwyn Wood
Portfolio: Favors, Reciprocity
Symbol: A left-pointing arrow above a right-pointing arrow
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Anwyn Wood is the petty god of Favors. He works to ensure all favors requested are repaid in kind (although not necessarily directly or immediately). This involves subtly manipulating the paths of others to intertwine those who owe a favor with those in need.

Anwyn Wood’s name is often invoked by those offering or requesting a favor, as a reminder to the other party to “make good” on such bargains. He also will grant favors himself and maintains a healthy backlog of favors owed to him by powerful entities throughout the multiverse.

He is often called upon by those in desperate need, as his favors can take miraculous form, but all must remember that a favor once granted must be repaid…

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score Anwyn Wood immediately calls in a divine favor on the supplicant’s behalf. This can takes the form of any Priest Spell of 3rd-level or lower of the supplicant’s choice (including spells reserved to specific religions).
Roll < Score Nothing happens
Roll > Score Nothing happens.
Natural 20 The supplicant has an outstanding debt of favors owed. The supplicant is immediately subject to a Quest spell, compelling him to perform a favor for an NPC of the DM’s choosing.

Anwyn Wood

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