Arctic Druid

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Base Class Statistics:

  • Ability Requirements: Fitness 9, Intuition 12, Leadership 15
  • Alignments: True Neutral
  • Experience Chart: Specialty Priest
  • Hit Dice: d8
    • Maximum Hit Dice: 9d8
    • Additional Hit Points: +2 per level beyond 9th
  • Attack: Priest
  • Saves:
    • Paralyzation/Poison/Death: as Priest
    • Rods/Staves/Wands: as Priest
    • Petrification/Polymorph: as Priest
    • Breath Weapon: as Priest
    • Spell: as Priest
  • Proficiencies:
    • Weapons, Initial: 2
    • Weapons, Advancement: +1 per 4 levels
    • Non-Weapon, Initial: 4
    • Weapons, Advancement: +1 per 3 levels
    • Bonus Proficiencies: Crude Clothesmaking, Fire-Building, Survival (arctic), Weather Sense
  • Allowed Weapons: Angon, Artengak, Club (any), Dagger (any), Harpoon, Iceaxe, Ice Pick, Iuak, Knife (any), Ritiik, Sling (any)
  • Allowed Armor: Non-metal armor, Wooden shields

Class Features:

Arctic Druids have major access to the following spheres: All, Air, Animal, Combat, Necromantic, Travelers, Water, and Weather. They have minor access to the Creation, Healing, Plant, and Protection spheres. Arctic Druids have access to the religion-specific spells of Auril, the patron goddess of winter, ice, and cold, so long as they fall within their allowed spheres.

An Arctic Druid is used to a cold climate and suffers a -1 penalty to attack rolls, saving throws, and ability checks in environments with temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

An Arctic Druid makes most saving throws as a priest, but he gains a bonus of +2 to all saving throws vs. cold-based attacks.

The Arctic Druid learns the languages of intelligent monsters whose natural habitats are tundra, arctic, and subarctic regions. The arctic druid gains one extra proficiency slot for this purpose every three levels (at 3rd, 6th, etc.). Such languages include those spoken by ettins, frost giants, ice toads, selkies, werebears, white dragons, winter wolves, verbeeg, yeti, and others.

The Arctic Druid ignores the effects of freezing weather upon himself at 3rd level.

The Arctic Druid identifies with perfect accuracy arctic plants and animals, thin ice (ice that would give way under the weight of a person or a sled), and pure water at 3rd level.

The Arctic Druid passes over ice and snow without leaving a trail and can move over such terrain at full movement rate at 3rd level.

The Arctic Druid shapechanges up to three times a day at 7th level. The druid can assume the form of a land mammal, marine mammal, or bird that dwells in arctic and subarctic climates: a caribou, penguin, polar bear, seal, reindeer, snowy owl, wolf, wolverine, and so on. The druid can’t take the same animal’s shape more than once each day.

An Arctic Druid uses as his holy symbol a bone of an arctic animal that has been carved into the shape of a knife, whistle, flute, or other instrument (scrimshaw).

See Druids for details on the druidic hierarchy and advancement.

Arctic Druid

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