Armok, The Blood God

  • Name: Armok
  • Allegiance: Gods of Disaster
  • Portfolio: Blood, Conflict, Creation, Dwarves
  • Titles: The Blood God, Father of Dwarves, Creator of Dwarves, The One True God
  • Symbols: A dwarf
  • Worshiper Alignments: Any (Dwarves only)
  • Core Doctrine: Blood for the Blood God! More Blood for Armok!
    • Edicts:
      • Wage war and spread conflict to entertain Armok.
      • Grow, prosper, and strengthen dwarven communities.
      • Dig deep into the earth and bring forth treasures for Armok.
      • Build great monuments to demonstrate dwarven superiority.
      • Make sacrifices of non-dwarves, and spill their blood for Armok.
    • Anathema:
      • Avoiding battles or conflict.
      • Not being a dwarf (including a dwarf that is polymorphed).
      • Failing to make regular sacrifices of blood to the Blood God.
      • Acknowledging the existence of any dwarven god but Armok.
  • Allied Faiths: Beshaba, Cyric, Duvan’Ku, Talos
  • Enemy Faiths: Corellon Larethian, Clangeddin, Moradin, Vergadain, Marthammor Duin, Haela Brightaxe, and all other gods falsely worshipped by dwarves
  • Pesudonyms: none

Base Requirements

  • Races: Dwarf
  • Base Class: Cleric
  • Ability Requirements: Muscle 14, Willpower 12, Knowledge 11
  • Alignments: Non-Good
  • Starting Cash: 4d6 x10gp


  • Weapon Slots: +1 slot
  • Allowed Weapons: All Crushing and Cleaving weapons
  • Allows Armor: Any Armor or Shields.
  • Bonus Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Required Weapon Proficiencies: none
  • Non-weapon Slots: By class
  • Available Groups: Spiritual, Martial, and Craft
  • Bonus Proficiencies: Occult Lore, Heart Feast, Mining, Wild Fighting
  • Required Proficiencies: Religion
  • Recommended Proficiencies: Administration, Boating, Boatwright, Brewing, Charge, Dirty Fighting, Drinking, Dwarf History, Elephant Care, Endurance, Excavations, Fire-Building, Horde Summoning, Intimidation, Sabotage, Singing, Smelting, Street Fighting, Tease, Zeal
  • Forbidden Proficiencies: none

Priest Spheres:

  • Major: All, Astral, Combat, Divination, Earth, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning
  • Minor: Chaos, Healing (Rev)

Overview: A lot of people seem to think that Armok is a deity worshipped by the dwarves. They’re wrong. Each civilization of dwarves in the Realms have their own pantheon of gods they worship. Armok isn’t a god they pray to. Armok is the god they serve.

Armok is the one true god of the Dwarves. The one who created them. The one who compels them to build their greatest monuments. The one whose whims lead wandering dwarven adventurers to raise armies and slaughter entire towns of men, women, and children. The one whose lust for the rarest of metals causes them to unleash untold suffering on the world. Moradin, Clangeddin, Marthamor, Dumathoin…these are just ponce weaklings, created things not worthy of Armok’s attention. Better worshipped by elves than dwarfkind.

The dwarves are not worshippers of Armok, no. They are Slaves to Armok, God of Blood. Fortunately for most people of the realms, most dwarves have not figured this out any more than human sages have. Only in the north, among Clan Griff and the cities of the Moon Sea is Armok openly acknowledged and worshipped, but all dwarves serve.

To the dwarves of the north, Armok, the God of Blood, is just about the only constant in these chaotic Realms. A general sense of conflict keeps Armok appeased – when the universe becomes too boring it is set on the anvil of creation to be reforged.

The destruction of the world by Armok will arise inevitably. As civilizations spread and the frontier closes, the world will start to look homogeneous. Armok, looking upon this decadence in disgust, will reform the world. Basically, when the universe has become too boring, it will be changed.

But who or what is Armok? ARMOK is the God of Blood…The Supreme God of Dwarvenkind. He creates and destroys whole Universes just for pleasure and fun. He enjoys watching death, destruction and, of course, blood run on his Universe. In a Universe, he can have billions of worshippers, while in another his existence might be unknown…but HE EXISTS.

He usually enjoys watching civilizations grow, because he hopes that one day these civilizations will fight each other, and thus generate conflict and slaughter!"

Description: Armok is the blood god. The creator and ender of all things. He doesn’t give a shit what you wear, as long as there is blood. Most of Armok’s priests wear at least one garment that has been soaked and dyed with blood. For his Totem Priests, this is usually the blood of their totem animal.

Armok’s holy symbol is the holy dwarven blood running through his servants’ veins. They don’t need niknaks like stupid humans or ponce elves. Armok made them and that is holy symbol enough.

Role-Playing: Blood for the blood god.

In forests and hills of legend and lore
There once lived a clan of the elves we abhor
Their arrogant height and their pansy decor
Were merely the first of the crimes they’d pay for!

Now these elves had a problem, a terrible plight,
They didn’t know ale and they had no fist-fights,
Their lives were pale shadows, their boredom a blight,
So they went to the dwarves to deliver their spite.

For it’s hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok,
The dwarves strike the earth and make love to the rock!
Blood for the Blood God, Blood for Armok!
Hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok.

Came the elves to the fortress, the mountain-home grand,
They indicted the baron; “You’ve clear cut this land!
You have chopped down our brethren, you short little man,
Of course this means war, now deliver, now stand!”

When the elves were all dead, the dwarves were confused,
Who were these strange fools, so quickly abused?
“More blood for the blood god,” the Baron’s wife mused,
And they went back beneath where the hot magma oozed.

For it’s hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok,
The dwarves strike the earth and make love to the rock!
Blood for the Blood God, Blood for Armok!
Hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok.

Well the dwarves kept on choppin’ that forest to stumps
And the elves’ fighting spirits were down in the dumps
They sieged once again, but were met by the pumps
While the elves’ fat was melting, the dwarves got more plump!

Back in the forest, at the elven retreat
The elves were quite puzzled by this sound defeat
“Perhaps,” said the druid, “we shouldn’t compete,
“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, now pass me the meat!”

For it’s hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok,
The dwarves strike the earth and make love to the rock!
Oh, Blood for the Blood God, more blood for Armok!
Hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok.

In the Smooth Points of Pride, a new fortress was found,
With incredible wealth in the depths of the ground,
And the elves came to trade though they scowled and they frowned,
For the trinkets of this place were scepters and crowns.

A talc ring for berries, a goblet for cloth,
It seemed that the riches were sweet heady broth,
So the elves kept on coming, despite their great wroth,
Till the day it all ended in red bloody froth.

For it’s hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok,
The dwarves strike the earth and make love to the rock!
Oh, Blood for the Blood God, more blood for Armok!
Hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok.

In the following year, they brought wagons so full,
Full of berries and barrels and silk cloth and wool,
And the elves tried to trade with the elephant herders,
Who slaughtered them slowly while screaming BOATMURDERED!

For it’s hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok,
The dwarves strike the earth and make love to the rock!
Oh, Blood for the Blood God, more blood for Armok!
Hey-di-lee hi, and ho-di-lee hok.

Special Abilities:

  • Priest spells that deal damage, inflict +1 damage per die when cast by a priest of Armok.
  • Priests of Armok can Turn Undead as a Cleric of their level, for such bloodless creatures are detestable to the god of blood.
  • Priests of Armok treat all spells from the Path of Blood as priest spells of the same level.
  • Priests of Armok treat any metal weapon as whatever metal (iron, silver, gold, bronze, adamantine, etc.) is most efficacious against the present enemy. This does not work against creatures that can only be harmed by magic weapons.
  • Priests of Armok can inspire any allied warrior to a state like berserker rage. The warrior must be willing to have this war-blessing bestowed upon him. It takes one round for a priest to incite a single warrior to berserker rage; the rage last six turns. A priest can use this power on any number of warriors per day, one at a time. A warrior may only be incited to berserker rage once per day; even if a different priest tries it on him, it cannot incite a warrior to a second rage in the same day.
    The rage gives the warrior a +2 to hit and damage for the duration of the rage. While enraged, the warrior cannot flee from a fight; he cannot leave the field of battle until no enemies face him. Once he does leave the field of battle, he can choose whether or not he will emerge from the rage or sustain it; a warrior would sustain it if he felt that another fight was likely to take place soon. When he emerges from the rage, the warrior takes no extra damage or ill effects.
  • A priest of Armok of at least 8th level, automatically attracts a body of followers, both men drawn by his charisma and creatures drawn by the power of their god. These special followers arrive whether or not the priest has established a temple or base of operations. These followers will freely accompany the priest on his adventures and aid him in whatever way they can. These followers consist of 1 5th-level priest of Armok, 2 3rd-level priests of Armok, 10 1st-level Berserkers, and 2 1st-level Tinkers to arm them. All followers of a priest of Armok, both special followers and those granted to a normal cleric, will be dwarves.

Special Disadvantages:

  • Armok is known for striking out in boredom, especially against his chosen servants who exist to amuse him. If a priest of Armok goes too long without slaying a creature, Armok will send something their way to force the issue. Random encounters occur twice as often for Priests of Armok, and all NPC reaction checks are rolled on the next worst table (i.e. reactions with Friendly creatures are rolled as if they were Indifferent, reactions with Indifferent creatures are rolled as if they were Threatening, etc.) as Armok actively pushes for violent confrontation.

Blood for the Blood God, more blood for Armok!

Armok, The Blood God

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