Name: Arolohnso
Symbol: An asymmetrical, ungainly labyrinth
Alignment: Neutral

The nature of Arolohnso’s powers, while both fearsome and varied, depend completely on his presence within the narrow confines of his realm—the catacombs, sewers, and tunnels of the city of Mulmaster. Within the city, he is known popularly as the God of the Undercity. His followers call him by another title—The Designer.

According to his followers, Arolohnso, if not the original god, is nevertheless the originator of the universe. According to them, Arolhonso’s first creation was a labyrinth, which he later framed with earth and rock, and populated with thoughts and shadows. From nothing he created the bricks and building stones that he then arranged in the forms of tunnels and fortresses, multi-story palaces and the tiny featureless cells without entrance or exits that humans would one day use as tombs. Water trickled in a slick shallow trench many millennia before any river under the sun poured into a sea. But these things, too—rivers, suns, and seas—were the work of The Designer. For after he had built the city of Mulmaster and all the other cities of the world, he allowed a colored fungus to fill the spaces between them, and asked his delegates to use this fungus to create all the other plants and animals, and later the sky, the stars, the moon, and the sun.

Sages agree that this fanciful lie should be flattered to be called a myth. Arolohnso is unknown outside Mulmaster. When encountered by mortals, he appears in the form of a narrow-framed, stooped, and half-dazed middle-aged man wearing a grayish threadbare cloak and worn-out boots. Usually he evades human contact completely, and given two rounds of concentration, can assume the form of any common underground feature: a rat, a piece of garbage, a strange odor. While certain spells may reveal his presence and even confirm his identity, he is truly amorphous and cannot be said to have a “true form.”

Arolohonso is a local god, tied to a specific location, the “undercity” of Mulmaster. He is not in any sense the god of ALL undercities. His followers of course would disagree. Worshipers of Arolohonso may call on him for aid when in any similar underground environment, but suffer a -6 to their Prayer check if outside Mulmaster. He has no power at all if called when the character is in an environment with fresh air or sunlight.

Prayer Check Results
Roll = Score The supplicant behaves as a native of his current environment for 1d6 hours. He gains Infravision out to 30 feet (or +30 feet to existing infravision), gains a +2 on any rolls to avoid traps or hazards associated with the tunnels, and cannot become lost.
Roll < Score The supplicant immediately knows the direction (and a sense of the general path) to the nearest exit of whatever underground he may be in.
Roll > Score Nothing happens.
Natural 20 The supplicant’s immediate environment suddenly changes in some confusing or hazardous way (a pit may open behind them, a cave-in may block a passage, a secret door may spontaneously appear, etc.).


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